▫️ Commercial Photographer 
▫️ Professional Retoucher  
▫️ Digital Ai Creative
As a Commercial Photographer, Retoucher and Digital Creative, the focus of my job is to produce strong, eye catching, stand out imagery, working closely with a wide variety of clients both here in the UK and overseas.
Traditional photographic capture has long been the mainstay of my career up to now, also specialising in professional retouching and postproduction technique to achieve my trademark style.
Predominantly a portrait photographer, the imagery I produce is almost always centred around capturing the essence of people, with the aim of always trying to capture that small insight into an individuals personality.
However these images are rarely single frame photographs in the traditional sense, often using the captured imagery, in combination with modern compositing techniques to produce the final artwork.
I came to photography after a 25yr career in the fashion watch industry, I have been commercially working with Adobe Photoshop since the mid nineties and now embracing the use of Ai generative software, as yet another creative tool to produce my imagery.
Creatively these are exciting, if uncertain times for the industry with this new emerging technology but I have always welcomed any new industry software, that helps toward developing my own creativity.
Already as an early adopter of the new Ai generative software, using my photographic and retouching knowledge to create some stand out imagery, the software is fast becoming an important piece of the creative toolkit, both in my own work and commercially.
Over the years this creativity had helped in my work achieve numerous industry awards, both here in the UK and overseas, as well as regularly exhibiting my work, you can often see my work featured in publications such as Phlearn, BJP, Estetica, Docma, SLR Lounge & Saatchi Art to name but a few.
These are incredibly exciting times to be a digital image creative, it’s all about having great concepts, showing clients that you have a good creative mind, as well as the technical tools to do the job, in bringing their concepts to life, in collaboration with the creative team.

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